The Science Museum will launch the Fighting Viruses – Innovations to Safeguard Our Health exhibition to present a general introduction to coronaviruses as well as the scientific principles of antiviral treatments and preventive vaccines tomorrow when it is reopened.


Through the display of the research and development (R&D) achievements in combating the epidemic led by the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, the exhibition will also reveal how local R&D teams are using innovative technology to safeguard public health during the once-in-a-century pandemic.


The university’s scientists and innovators joined the global community to innovate new solutions for virus prevention, mitigation and treatment. Some of these research projects have made solid achievements that are adopted by venues including schools, seniors’ care homes and museums.


The exhibition features seven of the research projects led by the university, including a smart fever screening system, geofencing technology for home quarantine monitoring, smart MAP-1 coating, target identifying for vaccines, and a natural language processing system applied in medical research.


The exhibition is presented by the Leisure & Cultural Services Department and will run until February 3 next year.


In view of the latest COVID-19 situation, the Science Museum is implementing special opening hours and admission arrangements.


Click here for the details of the exhibition.