Chief Secretary Matthew Cheung today visited the temporary air-inflated laboratories at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Sports Centre to convey his heartfelt gratitude to staff working there.


Mr Cheung learnt about the laboratories’ workflow and the latest testing progress and noted that the Universal Community Testing Programme has detected 23 confirmed COVID-19 cases.


He was also briefed by the Logistics & Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre on the application of technology to ensure that specimens collected from testing centres can be safely delivered to the laboratories.


Mr Cheung said: “I am most grateful to all parties working for the programme, whether they work from the community testing centres or the laboratories.


“It is because of their dedication and sterling efforts that so many tests can be completed within a short period.”


The Chief Secretary thanked the Central People’s Government for its support by quickly establishing a team to enhance Hong Kong’s testing capability.


He pointed out that the Mainland nucleic acid test support team has been working day and night in handling the tests, adding that people are deeply impressed by the their professionalism and selfless spirit.


Mr Cheung appealed to members of the public to take part in the programme, which has been further extended to September 14, to protect themselves and others.