The Education Bureau (EDB) today expressed wholehearted respect to all teachers on the annual Teachers’ Day.


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the Teacher Tribute 2020 – Teacher Respect Day Celebration & Commendation Ceremony has been postponed to November 4.


The EDB appealed to students, parents and all sectors of the community to pay tribute to teachers and thank them for their selfless dedication, especially their outstanding efforts and hard work in facilitating students to achieve the goal of suspending classes without suspending learning for more than half a year.


It said that due to the disease’s evolving situation, face-to-face classes have been suspended except for the short period of class resumption from the end of May to early July.


Teachers have adopted various means to help students learn at home, including the use of electronic platforms. The new learning and teaching mode has brought challenges and may have increased their workload.


Nevertheless, teachers have overcome many difficulties for the sake of students, demonstrating creativity while exploring beyond their limits, leading to fruitful learning and teaching experiences.


Noting that different extents of e-learning, mixed with other modes for home learning, may become the new normal in teaching, the EDB encouraged schools to continue to make use of teaching resources provided by the Government to develop comprehensive learning and teaching strategies to meet students’ learning needs.


It will also review all available resources, including the Quality Education Fund, to give further support to schools and teachers for the implementation of e-learning, especially providing assistance to students with financial needs.


Regarding the enhancement of teachers’ professional development, the Task Force on Professional Development of Teachers submitted a report to the EDB last year. All recommendations were accepted and have been taken forward from the 2019-20 school year.


For the task force’s recommendations on rationalisation of the salaries for school heads and deputy heads and the improvement of manpower at the middle management level in public sector primary schools, the Government will submit them to the Legislative Council’s Finance Committee very soon.


It hopes that these measures will be implemented as soon as possible to enhance the quality of primary school management and retain and attract talents to achieve quality education.


Meanwhile, the EDB has taken steps to establish the Professional Ladder for teachers to enhance their professional growth by providing core training, training programmes and resources for newly joined teachers and in-service teachers, and enhance training for teacher promotion starting in the 2020-21 school year.


The EDB said it hopes to continue to join hands with the education sector to create more room for teachers and students to thrive to enhance the quality of education.