Director of Health Dr Constance Chan today inspected the community testing centre at Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Wan Chai to learn about its operation on the first day of the Universal Community Testing Programme.


The centre’s overall operation is led by dental and nursing staff from the Department of Health.


Dr Chan viewed the rigorous testing workflow and arrangements, as well as the collaboration among staff in different positions.


She also participated in the programme and had her combined nasal and throat swabs collected by personnel on-site for testing.


Dr Chan chatted with personnel on duty at the centre to find out more about their work.


She expressed support and gratitude for their dedication, professionalism and active participation, which has facilitated the programme’s smooth operation and contributed to the prevention and control of COVID-19.


Dr Chan called on members of the public to participate in the programme so that asymptomatic patients carrying the virus can be identified and the virus transmission chain can be cut as soon as possible.