Hong Kong (China)

The following information applies to Hong Kong (China) and is provided on a best-effort basis and has last been updated on September 1, 2020.


  • Help for Health-Care professionals

  • Help for Parents

  • Help for Students

  • Help for Educators
  • Help for Individuals

  • Help for Travellers

  • Help for Businesses / SMEs

  • Help for Non-Profits

Local Restrictions

  • Wearing Masks in public

  • Social distancing of 1.5m

  • Ban on dining from 6pm to 5am until August 25

  • Maximum capacity of restaurants is 50%

  • Maximum group size of 2 people

Get Help

  • Government support for SMEs

  • Receive 9,000 HKD subsidy per employee

  • 10,000 HKD for permanent residents

  • Suicide Hotline

Help for Individuals

  • 12 available salary tax exemptions / benefits and how to apply

  • One-off 10,000 HKD for permanent residents and how to apply

  • Suicide Hotline

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Help for Students

  • Additional student study grants for 2019-20 school year

  • Relief from HKU, CU, PolyU

  • Suicide Hotline

help for Businesses / SMEs

  • 3 profit tax exemptions

  • Apply for rental subsidy

  • Apply for labor subsidy

Latest Local News

Quarantine Regulations

  • Quarantine Regulations for Inbound Travellers

  • Quarantine Regulations for Passengers from High-Risk Areas

  • Quarantine Regulations for People from China

Local Resources / Links

  • How to Report Quarantine Violations (external link)

  • Deep Throat Saliva Collection Demonstration Video (external link)

  • Buildings with Infections in the last 14 Days (external link)