The Government today reminded employers and self-employed people wishing to apply for the second tranche of wage subsidies under the Employment Support Scheme (ESS) to submit applications before 11.59pm on September 13.


Applications should be submitted through the ESS portal.


The second tranche of the scheme has received about 141,000 applications from employers and over 18,000 from self-employed people as of noon.


Among the employers’ applications received so far, 93% of the applicants had successfully applied for the first tranche of the ESS.


Self-employed people with MPF accounts which have not been terminated as of March 31 can also submit applications for the $7,500 one-off lump sum subsidy during the application period for the second tranche of the ESS if they have not received the subsidy in the first tranche.


For enquiries, email or call 1836 122.