The Food & Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) today said it has enhanced anti-epidemic work in its markets and will pursue targeted anti-rodent operations, as well as proactively encourage market stall tenants to maintain cleanliness and environmental hygiene.


Since mid-July, the FEHD has arranged for about 60 markets to close an hour earlier for additional deep cleaning and disinfection as a precautionary measure.


With the support of the Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, body temperature checking systems have been installed in 36 markets with a high patronage rate.


Body temperature checks of market patrons by FEHD staff using hand-held or standing-type thermometers have been arranged in some markets.


Both departments have improved air ventilation in some markets by installing standalone air coolers. They launched a trial scheme since late July to place two moveable air purifiers equipped with high-efficiency particulate air filters at Pei Ho Street Market.


The FEHD has progressively installed automatic dispensers in toilets in markets and sensor-type toilet seat sanitisers in their toilet cubicles. Anti-microbial coating will also be applied to communal areas and facilities of markets with a high patronage rate in phases starting from next week.


Additionally, the FEHD has also enhanced anti-rodent measures in public markets. It has conducted a three-month intensive anti-rodent operation in some markets, during which, market staff thoroughly clear refuse and clean passageways and drains in markets every night after they close to eliminate the food sources of rodents.


Private market operators will be invited to participate in joint operations to step up the cleaning, disinfection and anti-rodent work in their markets and surrounding public places.


The FEHD issued advisory letters to operators and permit holders of meat delivery vans of Sheung Shui and Tsuen Wan slaughterhouses, reminding them to adopt appropriate measures to ensure that food animal carcasses and offal are properly protected from pest contamination during their delivery to shops.


Licensed fresh provision shops selling fresh meat and public market stall tenants selling meat were also reminded to abide by the relevant requirements.


The FEHD will arrange for 12 public markets on Hong Kong Island, in Kowloon and the New Territories to be closed earlier at 7pm for deep cleaning and disinfection in the coming days.