In view of the COVID-19 situation’s latest developments, the Government will implement infection control measures and targeted measures to reduce social contact and fully resume normal public services from September 15.


The Government today said the epidemic situation has stabilised this month and taking into account the needs for the functioning of society, government departments will resume normal public services.


It noted that as individual bureaus and departments may require more time to carry out necessary manpower deployment, procure supplies and need to comply with the anti-epidemic regulations, some of their services may be resumed at a later time.


Those bureaus and departments will make announcements of their latest service arrangements separately.


To reduce people flow and social contact, bureaus and departments will continue to implement targeted measures while resuming public services, such as introducing flexible working hours to reduce the need for staff to use public transport during peak hours, using video conferencing instead of holding face-to-face meetings where possible, and keeping a physical distance or installing physical partitioning among staff and between staff and clients.


The Government said there may be a higher demand for various public services at the beginning of the service resumption, adding that the waiting time for public services may be lengthened, or a longer time may be needed to process applications.


Members of the public are advised to use alternative means, such as the post, drop-in boxes or online channels, to receive the services they need.


If they have to visit government buildings or offices, they should wear surgical masks at all times and comply with the infection control measures implemented by the relevant departments including temperature checks and crowd control arrangements.