The Government today announced that its departments will resume basic public services in a safe and orderly manner from August 24 to meet the needs of the public and enterprises.


It made the announcement in view of the latest COVID-19 situation.


The Government explained that it implemented special work arrangements for government employees in the past month, taking into account the need to fight the virus for the whole community.


As only emergency and essential public services were provided, many public services were reduced to various extents.


Due to the epidemic’s latest development, government departments will gradually resume the provision of basic public services.


The Government stated that while fighting the epidemic remains its top priority, taking into account the need for the functioning of society, bureaus and departments should provide more public services from August 24 onwards.


They should do so upon implementation of targeted measures to reduce social contact and adhere to infection control measures.


The Government emphasised that its ultimate goal is to resume full public services when conditions permit.


Bureaus and departments will make announcements of their latest service arrangements separately.


To reduce the flow of people and social contacts, bureaus and departments will continue to implement targeted measures, such as adopting a roster system or introducing flexible working hours, while resuming more public services.


The Government appealed to citizens’ understanding as the waiting time for public services may be lengthened or applications may require longer processing time.


It also encouraged the public to use the post, drop-in boxes or online channels to receive the services they need as much as possible.