New corona-virus: Measures and ordinances
To contain the spread of the new corona-virus there are nationwide and cantonal measures in place in the form of requirements, obligations and prohibitions (bans). The ban on large-scale gatherings of more than 1000 people was lifted on 1 October 2020.

Current situation
The info-graphic below shows what measures apply all over Switzerland.

Since June 2020, Switzerland has been in a special situation under the terms of the Federal Epidemics Act. The cantons now have a greater say in matters than during the extraordinary situation previously deemed to exist. They can also decide on cantonal measures if case numbers in their territory increase or threaten to increase. For this reason there are some measures that apply across the country and others that vary from canton to canton.

Healthcare provision
The cantons can require public and private hospitals to make capacity available to treat COVID-19 patients.

Hospitals are required to have sufficient stocks of essential medicines to treat both COVID-19 patients and those requiring other urgent medical treatment.

The Confederation supports the cantons in ensuring the supply of medical goods.

Covid-19 Act
The Federal Covid-19 Act was passed by the Swiss parliament on 25 September 2020. It creates a legal basis allowing the Federal Council to maintain the measures resolved by emergency decree that are still necessary to manage the Covid-19 epidemic.

SECO study on the effectiveness of non-pharmaceutical measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus

Communicable Diseases Legislation – Epidemics Act, (EpidA)
The Epidemics Act aims to ensure that communicable diseases are detected, monitored, prevented and controlled at an early stage and helps to better manage disease outbreaks with a high risk potential.