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The Universal Community Testing Programme will be further extended for three days to September 14.


Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip made the announcement at a media session this afternoon.


Mr Nip said out of the 122 community testing centres currently operating, 57 will remain open from September 12 to 14.


He pointed out the programme has been useful in identifying people infected with COVID-19.


“We all want the community to overcome the current wave of epidemic so that we could all return to our normal business and activities, including work, travel, studies, etc.


“That’s why I say that from the angle of public health and also controlling the epidemic, it is our responsibility to help through participating in the Universal Community Testing Programme.


“Of course after all, it’s voluntary, the decision rests with every individual.”


Secretary for Food & Health Prof Sophia Chan urged citizens to get tested.


“We have identified a number of cases from the past few days through this Universal Community Testing Programme.


“From some preliminary analysis of these cases, there are young people, there are old people and there are also people who are retired, but there are also people who are working, and also related to some clusters.


“Therefore, we want to strongly encourage those who have not participated to participate.”