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The Government will increase the booking quota for the Universal Community Testing Programme at all centres from September 3.


Secretary for the Civil Service Patrick Nip made the announcement at a media briefing this afternoon, saying the decision was made after reviewing today’s operation and the medical team’s throughput.


“We have come to the view that there is room for a further increase in the total capacity, hence we would increase the number of quotas available for booking across the board for all centres. So, particularly for those centres that are already fully booked for the seven days starting from September 3 onwards, there will be more booking quotas available.


“People could actually go online tomorrow and find that for those fully booked centres there will be places available. I appeal for early booking for those who are interested in receiving the test.”


Mr Nip added that the testing centres are spacious, well-ventilated and implement social distancing measures.


“And the healthcare teams are all equipped with adequate personal protective equipment. All the arrangements suggest that actually the risk is minimal. So we consider that even with the increase in quota it should be very suitable for conducting the testing service.”